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Hey Leute ihr wissts dass ich nur so meine Gefühle verarbeiten kann. Nun ich möchte dass ihr daran Teil habts!!! Falls ihr das wollts.

~°~°~°~ A Song about a Person who hurts me very much~°~°~°~

You said to me, " I love You!",
and took my heart with you.
I gave it to you like a stupid little child,
but the next day you gave it back to me,
in thousand little bites.

It hurts so much I feel like I will split.
My heat can*t think right, I feel like in a terrible fight.
1. Strophe:
Now I can't remembere what was wrong.
what shall I do now with me?
I can't forget you stupid face,
your silly love-declerate.

I felt with you like in paradise,
but all that was another big lie.
I fell in love with aour charming eyes,
I was a fool to belive in you!


2. Strophe:
You punched me in my face,
when you said, " The relationship between us was nothing."
You know that's not okay,
we hat more than fun together,
but you know I say:


3. Strophe:
Now you know how I feel,
and you fool were hurting me,
So you know what I have to say:
I hate you!! For you thst's okay??

I won't hear your voice anymore,
try to forget this big foult,
try to life without you.
So leave me life, I have no place for tears.


Ich hoffe das zeigt euch wie sehr mich diese Person verletzt habt und ich bitte euch auch etwas Rücksicht in der nächsten Zeit auf mich zu nehmen ich kann das schwer verarbeiten.


So jetzt habe ich einen geschrieben jetzt kommt numma 2:

One day I met a boy,

I was tired and he told me to...

to look at the sky again, to be happy,

happy with him.


I believed in you,

I believed at your words.

But you only believed her,

this girl you like more.

I thought maybe it was love?

I thought maybe this boy would help me out from,

from my love pain out.

But it was the same thing as every tima,

I woke up and you weren't longer mine.


I write this 'cause I lost my voice,

like I'm full of drugs, with no other choice,

I tell you, for you it's funny,

but I won't be any longer your bunny.


God help me out of here,

give me all you take of my silent tears.

Give me back my innocent,

and hold me in ypur arms like in heaven.


Thsi crazy love story you know: love sucks, like YOU!!!

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